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Family Law Attorney Richmond


Family law involves who we choose to spend our lives with and how we raise our children. When legal issues strike so close to the heart, they can become extremely emotional.

Our goal is to help you through a difficult time with care, compassion, and practical advice.  We focus on the cost-benefit analysis of each situation, while always remaining ready to litigate any issues that cannot be agreed upon.

Child Custody Illinois - Scales of Justice

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Like many in stressful situations, our family law clients often feel vulnerable and confused by the process. We use our knowledge of the legal system to protect their rights and help them achieve their goals.

While there are many types of family law matters, we utilize our skills to assist clients in the following types of cases:


Divorce is a difficult time. We are dedicated to guiding you through the difficult process of divorce by keeping you informed, prepared, and supported. We will provide you with all the information so you can make the best decision for you.We do not use a cookie cutter approach for our cases, and we recognize that each matter is unique. We always work toward a fair settlement and are prepared to argue for you for a fair and equitable outcome.

Child Support

Illinois law has undergone major changes regarding child support in the past several years. We help you establish, modify, and enforce child support orders quickly and efficiently. If you’ve fallen behind, we can protect your rights and get your case back on track. In Illinois, both parents are responsible for supporting their children financially including providing them with health insurance. The court will evaluate the complete financial situation of both parents in determining child support.


Parenting Time

Parenting time (Custody) is one of the most important areas of the law in which we practice. Whether your matter is a divorce or a paternity matter, the best interests of your children come first. Just as no two families are the same, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to joint parenting in a divided family. We use our experience and creativity to tailor a plan for your family, and we fight for what’s right for your children.


Both parents of minor children have a right and responsibility to be involved in their children's lives. Biological parents may have issues resulting in their going their separate ways if they were never married, but they still have rights to parenting time and support. We represent clients on both sides of this situation, from the father trying to ensure he is an active parent to the mother who needs support from the father.

Enforcement of Court Orders

All parties are to follow Court Orders.  If the other party is not, we use the power of the Court to enforce the Orders, whether the issue is support payments, child visitation matters or any other issue that arises.

  • We provide you with all of the information and options to allow you to make an informed decision.

  • We make recommendations based on your specific facts and circumstances and tailor a strategy specific to your situation.

  • We are committed to helping you achieve the optimal result in your case to allow you to move forward with the next phase of your life. 

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